You’ve never met a girl quite like Maria Inguanzo before. And you’ve never seen a tortilla station quite like hers.You see, Maria is the tortilla master. Take a peek through the windows in the center of the restaurant, watch her in action, and you’ll see what we mean. Take it from us: you’re going to want to check her out. 


Lean, mean, tortilla machine

The tortilla machine that Maria uses is handcrafted in Mexico, and it’s a rare sight. That inviting aroma you enjoy when you walk into Sea Dog Cantina is the smell of fresh warm tortillas being prepared by Maria.

In the zone

When Maria makes those tortillas, she’s in the zone. The tortilla zone, that is. Yes, it’s a thing. With her mind on tortillas and tortillas on her mind…Watching them being made is mesmerizing. Have you heard? She makes 800 tortillas an hour. Wait, what? No, seriously. She makes 800 an hour. For real.


And it’s not just the quantity, it’s the quality. These tortillas are legendary. That’s because Maria is a perfectionist. Maria’s family heritage plays a big part in her quest to get the taste just right. Hours of testing and retesting the family recipe went into the dough mixture. She poured over getting the right blend of maseca corn. The tortillas taste so different because they’re made by an expert who wouldn’t rest until they reached perfection. Well, Maria, we think it was time well spent. Bravo! TortillasNow, we don’t mean to tease you, but when you add the guacamole, salsa, and pico de gallo that pair so well with these tortillas, they are crazy good. Everything is made fresh every day and the tortillas are part of our enchiladas recipe and featured throughout our menu.

Nuestro angel de tortillas

Maria is our angel of tortillas. What would we do without her? She makes those tortillas fresh every day, and no one could do it better.So, keep it up, Maria. We think you are fantastica!Read More