The summer’s nearly over, and the daily grind is weighing you down. What you need is a vacation on the horizon.

But not just any old vacation. A 5-star, five-night, luxury, all-inclusive vacation. 

Well, you’re in luck. Because… contest alert…we’re taking the fiesta to Mexico.

There’s an epic trip to Los Cabos, Mexico up for grabs, and this is not a drill, amigos. Stand by as we hook you up with the impressive resort stats, and most importantly, how to enter. 

The prize

OK, you’d better sit down for this one, it’s pretty insane. The prize includes:

  • 5 nights for 2 people at the spectacular resort Pueblo Bonita, Los Cabos, Mexico
  • All-inclusive food and all alcohol/ beverages
  • Round trip airport transfers in Los Cabos
  • A sunset Catamaran cruise

Seriously, we are spoiling you, now.

Sounds like 5 nights in paradise? You’d be correct.

This resort has it all. Known for its casual elegance and all-inclusive ease, the ocean-front, Mediterranean-style resort of Pueblo Bonito in Los Cabos, Mexico has everything you’d expect from one of the world’s finest hotels. The resort overlooks stunning beaches and boasts outstanding service. It’s a new level of luxury. 

Let’s do a paradise checklist to make sure it’s all covered: white sand, turquoise sea, breathtaking views, waterfront swimming pools, peaceful gardens, blissful coastal tranquillity? Yup. 

You’ll be enjoying a warm breeze as you sip a margarita, and bonus time: your friends back home won’t be able to stomach another picture-perfect Instagram post. 

How to enter

You can relax because we’ve kept it super simple to enter, amigos. It’s as easy as Uno, dos….um… tres?

Scan the QR code on the image with your phone


Click here to enter. 

Told ‘ya it was easy.

Of course, there are terms, conditions, and availability black-out dates. 

OK, you’re sold. Now, the only thing you need to figure out is who you will take with you on this 1st class experience. Choose wisely.  

Sea Dog Cantina: we make every day a fiesta

One lucky winner and guest will be jetting off to paradise. But hey, if you don’t win, there’s still a reason to smile. Sea Dog keeps the fiesta local. In any of our locations, we know how to make those worries melt away like the ice in your hand-crafted margarita. Enjoy excellent food, a cold beer, or Sea Dog Hard Seltzer in one of our many outdoor seating areas – sombrero optional, amigo.