Becoming either a top chef or a footballer was written in the stars for Greg Picard. That’s because he spent his childhood pursuing both passions: playing football and cooking.

Lucky for us here at Sea Dog Cantina, the cooking took over, but we’re happy to report that when he puts his feet up after whipping up awesome Mexican-inspired cuisine, Chef Greg loves to watch the game. I guess we have his family to thank for letting Chef Greg sharpen his chef knives at an early age.

Chef Greg spent many happy hours helping his dad at the clambake business and his mom at their diner, where his love of food grew. Now, here’s a juicy secret for you: growing up in upstate New York, Greg wasn’t known for his straight A’s. However, that all changed when he went to culinary school. Suddenly, he was top of the class, knowing he was exactly where he was meant to be.

Chef Greg feels fortunate to have cooked his way all across the United States, from a flagship Marriott hotel in Washington DC to Palm Springs, California to the largest Marriott in Orlando, Florida. As the head chef in Orlando, he oversaw more than 200 chefs per day. Greg’s style was hands-on with the chefs that he mentored so that processes were streamlined. His philosophy was always this: put out good food that you’re proud of, and if you’re not proud of it, take the time to redo it. Impressive!

Since 2010, Chef Greg has called Florida his home and has been happily cooking up a storm at Sea Dog Cantina for over a year now. Having him develop the menu has been an exciting journey. However, Chef Greg credits the success of the menu development to teamwork, since the entire team put their heads together on the project. Greg describes the menu as “a purposeful menu that we can all be proud of.”

Chef Greg’s happy kitchen is all down to the bond that the team has built. Chef Greg describes his team as “on board. They put out great food every day, leaving the stations clean. They’re a great team that works well together.” Chef Greg knew that the team in the kitchen was starting to gel because they have fun together. And he knew that the food was delicious because all that fresh salsa and barbacoa beef meant that “it started to smell like a Mexican kitchen.” So, what makes Chef Greg special? We think it’s his passion for quality, simple meals, with minimal ingredients, but with maximum flavor. No wonder he produces clean, delicious food.

We think you’ll agree, Chef Greg and his team all work in an efficient way that allows for the food to come fast, fresh, and delicious. The folks over at St Pete Foodies feel the same way, giving Chef Greg and his team a perfect ten for what they describe as ‘Mexican food heaven.” We’re lucky to have you, Chef Greg.