Eating out is a treat, and a lunch or dinner at Sea Dog Cantina is guaranteed to be a fun-filled, tasty experience. And best of all? No washing up. But now eating at home can be just as enjoyable.  

Family Meals

Cantina SpicesBusy? Tired? Midweek meals are just one more chore on your to-do list: feed the family and then slide into exhaustion, remote control in hand. It’s no surprise that many people’s family meals get stuck in a rut. They churn out the same tried and tested recipes every week, lacking the time or energy to plan anything else. Spice it up! Your family will thank you for it. Grab some sauces, dips, and spices on the way home and spend the rest of the evening enjoying yourself with your family. 


Slaving over a hot stove is hard work. And besides, you want to get the house tidy before people arrive. We can help. Pick up our sauces and dips to raise your dinner party to expert level, or make it easy on yourself by ordering in. Seriously, what kind of a host do you call yourself if you haven’t got the margaritas lined up? Bring the party home with Margaritas to go. You can share a 64oz, Margarita, for $19.99. Fiesta time!

Chef Crafted Sauces

The secret to any dish is the sauce. Get it right? You’re in for an excellent meal. Get it wrong? Uh-oh. Check, please!Our Chefs love to make homemade sauces, so they took their family sauce recipes and perfected them. For them, it’s like the taste of home in a bottle. The thing about coming up with something amazing is that you’ve got to share it with the world. Now you can enjoy these at home.  Cantina SaucesNow, some of you like ‘em hot, and some of you prefer the milder tastes. Each sauce has a unique flavor profile, guaranteed to enhance any dish that you make at home. Luckily, we’ve come up with a temperature gauge for the sauces, and thanks to the different labels to guide you, there won’t be any surprises. 

Coming soon. . .

Can you keep a secret? Chef Greg and his team are busy brewing up something a little special. OK, we can give you a hint: it involves three different kinds of Mexican coffee beans. For those of you not familiar with the Mexico coffee bean, it has a delicious flavor and it’s a lighter coffee. Stay tuned for more.  

From our Cocina to yours

Cook at home like a pro and elevate those family meals or entertain like an expert. A little help in the kitchen goes a long way. If you’ve fallen in love with our meals at Sea Dog Cantina, you can bring those flavors home with our sauces, dips, and margaritas. Put a ‘lil cantina in your kitchen!So, next time it’s your turn to host or cook, impress them all with Mexican-inspired creations. Inject some fun into dinner parties, midweek dinners, barbeques, and get-togethers. Stop by or order online to see our full range. We can’t wait to see you.