Here’s the thing about our chefs: they never stop thinking about Mexican-inspired food and drinks. Every day, they’re dreaming up exciting delights. New menu items. Fresh drink creations. Taste combinations. Flavor explosions.Oh, man. Hold my margarita…  Hey, it’s just what they do. 

Meet the team

As a child, Chef Adrian Colon was popular at family mealtimes back home in Puerto Rico. That’s because his Yuka en Escabeche was packed full of flavors and herbs and served with rice. He cooked all through high school, and in college, he cooked with Marriott at the World Center location. Recently, he worked at Michelin star restaurants in Chicago under the mentorship of Greg.  As for top picks, he’ll tell you that the homemade enchiladas are insanely good.Chef


Chef Jose Troche is also from Puerto Rico, and he’s our head chef. – At 17 he joined the Navy, and then the Caribbean Culinary Institute. The next move on his culinary journey was to West Palm Beach where he gained an associate culinary arts degree and worked at the Gaylord Palms (Marriot) where he met chef Greg.  They worked together again at the Marriott Orlando and have been collaborating ever since.  

When we asked Chef Jose what his favorite dish is, he raved about the chicken burrito. It’s an excellent pick. Cooking the chicken is a 4-hour process that makes it juicy and flavorful, then it’s covered in delicious sauces and beans. The secret is that everything is made from scratch, and nothing comes from a can. 


World-renowned Chef Ramon comes from Mexico, and pastry is his specialty. He played a big part in starting Sea Dog Cantina and loves to collaborate. Now, have you heard about the famous vanilla bean flan made with caramelized sugar? It’s homemade, and the perfect end to a perfect meal, getting chef Ramon’s vote as the top pick. 

Chef Ray Vega hails from Puerto Rico, and his background is also from the Marriott family in Orlando, working under Greg with Ramon.  His nomination is the brownies. Ah, but not any old brownies. These are tequila caramel brownies with Mexican chocolate to die for. 


Top of their game

Our chefs are a family. They’ve got each other’s backs, they work hard, and they have fun. 

Food…  cooking… family… repeat.

They are all planning trips to Mexico soon, so we can’t wait to see what menu inspirations they’ll bring back with them.As for choosing the best dish at Sea Dog Cantina, we just can’t decide. So, what’s your top pick?